10 de Novembro, 2015

WordPress: Alterar domínio de uma Instalação

Alterar o domínio de uma instalação Wordpress pode revelar-se difícil e causar stress se optarem por editar a base de dados. Veja aqui uma alternativa.
5 de Dezembro, 2017

WordPress › Dashicons | WordPress Developer Resources

Fonte: WordPress › Dashicons | WordPress Developer Resources
5 de Dezembro, 2017

How to Sync Databases Across Multiple WordPress Installs

Previously, we had a look at how to setup staging environment for WordPress development. If you have followed it through, you might find that the process […]
5 de Dezembro, 2017

A Bug in Chrome 45 Causes WordPress Admin Menu to Break

Within the last five weeks, several people have reported an issue in Chrome that breaks the WordPress admin menu. If you hover the mouse cursor over […]